Maura Mitchell is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas.  Inspired by a Marilyn Monroe biography, she started saving up at the age of 16 to move to Hollywood and become a movie star.  She finally made the move when she was 21, taking only 3 bags and a Fender Acoustic guitar named Isabella.  The acting venture didn’t pan out; (To quote her one time agent, “Ummmm…that was ok.  I guess if you want I’ll sign you.”), but Maura still felt a special kinship and calling in California.  Along her journey she made many amazing friends, found and lost love, and experienced the great unknown. To vent her anxieties and emotions, she wrote songs on her guitar, teaming up with Michael Ryback to form the duo, Mad Night. Once her finances were exhausted, the strain caused the dissolution of the band and a time of strange self development and exploration for Maura.  Too stubborn to call it quits, she remained in Hollywood, living in a house with 13 other people and sleeping in a bunkbed.  (Some of her best memories resulted from this experience as well as many panic attacks.)  She began to write new songs and perform solo, trusting in a raw honesty that could only have been forged by her new willingness to lose and keep going.  Finally, her music caught the attention of her manager, Tony Peck, who signed her in November.  Now, she has been blessed with the amazing opportunity to share these songs with you.